Let's get the party started while you're getting trained up shall we?

Take your pick of the 3 different engagement posts below or make your own.  These are designed to get your connections commenting on your stuff so that facebook & instagram will show more of your posts to more people!

Hold down on the below image with your thumb, save it to your phone, and go ahead and post it on your facebook timeline right now. (note: there is an instagram & facebook stories version below as well) 

While we're teaching you a few things, we're going to go ahead and heat up your money making machine and get more eyes on your social media accounts.

a) Choose one of these 2 engagement posts.  Hold your thumb down over the image, save to your phone, and then post it to your facebook timeline 

(🕣 make this post between 8am - 8pm)

b) Now hold your thumb down over this image, save it to your phone and upload this to your instagram & facebook story

(🕛 you can post a story anytime since they last for 24 hrs)

How to upload a picture to your story
(click video)

✅ as soon as you make the engagement post and upload your engagement story, text your coach and say: "first engagement post & story dropped"

c) super important: please read the coaching prompt

click the blue button & it will pop up, then you can continue to step 3
(note the 50 person focus challenge at the bottom of the prompt)

✅ as soon as you have read the coaching prompt text your coach and say: "coaching prompt read, 50 person focus challenge accepted"

once you make your posts, upload your story, read the prompt & text your coach, you can go to step 3

Yo! You're doing great!

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