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I Need to boost my Engagement

Step 4: 
Watch this & Save the remaining 3 engagement posts to your phone.  
(you'll be doing one a day until you hit 15+ likes & comments on your posts)

Step 4: 
Watch this & Save the remaining 3 engagement posts to your phone. (you'll be doing one a day until you hit 15+ likes or comments on these engagement posts) 

Look at you go!!! I can't say this loud enough on text but... ahem... 
(like you)

Now, one of the tricks to getting results in life is to game-ify everything that you do.  We want to turn your business into a game that you play everyday that just so happens to pay you 8 different ways... hello!  When you take the pressure off and turn anything into a game... things work easier and faster.

So... are you up for a game?  
I want YOU to make one of these engagement posts that you'll see below, each day for the next 4 days, unless you start getting 15+ likes or comments sooner.  

Lets see if you can get to 15+ likes or comments on your posts before you get to day 4!  I think you can do it!

Follow that social media booster protocol to a T and maybe increase the number of friends you have, maybe increase the number of friends posts that you're commenting on, and perhaps reply to double the amount of stories today and tomorrow & let's see if we can get you to 15+ likes and comments by day 2 or 3!

Then you'll be ready for your spoon post!!!

Text your coach each day and let them know once you've made your engagement post and hit the Market Maximizer protocol numbers

Day 1 (you already made this one)

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Step 5: While you're boosting your engagement, go ahead & Blast thru these 3 videos, print off your customer tracker, download the necessary apps, and get ready to go to step 6 once you've hit 15+ likes & comments on your engagement posts!

Video 1: Customer Tracker Training & Tips

Print out your customer tracker then watch this quick walk thru

Print out your
then watch this tutorial

text your coach a pic of your customer tracker printed out

Video 2: How to share your $10 off code

Video 3: Modere Life app tutorial

after watching video 2 & 3, text your coach and say:
"$10 off code & modere life app... check!"

Step 6: Do your selfie/anticipation post 

this post will get your audience anticipating what you're doing and cause them to keep a close eye on your profile for your next post, which will be your spoon post.  If you did your "if you see this say hi" engagement post in the evening. then i would do this post that next morning.  If you did it in the morning, I would do this post that evening.  Double check with your coach on the best time for this based on where you're at in the process and always go with their final recommendation.

Copy & Paste this text along with a fun pic of yourself:

Very big announcement coming soon!

Keep your eyes on my page.  Drop a 👀 below to stay in the loop!


Confirm with you coach on when you're going to make this first curiosity post and then after you make it, you'll be ready to go to Phase 2 in Guide 2 of the Dynasty FB Group

Now you can go to the Dynasty FB Group and post this ticket for a chance to win prizes at the "guide entries post", under announcements

Hold down on image and save to your phone

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