a) watch this 14 minute video and take notes

This video will show you how to boost your engagement and create authentic connections so that more people connect with your content.Β 
AKA: You make more sales

b) save the daily power process image:

hold down and save this image to your phone

c) Text Your Coach:

βœ… After watching this video & saving the daily power process image:

text your coach and say:
"I know the Daily Power Process"Β 

Now the road splits for Step 5...🫒 Choose which route best describes you currently

Now the road splits for Step 5...🫒 
Choose which path best describes you currently

πŸ‘‡ Choose Your PathπŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‡Choose your path πŸ‘‡

- Already posting 2x week or more
- Getting 15+ likes or comments

- Not currently posting regularly
- Less than 15 Likes/Comments on my posts

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